Baby & Me Swim Lessons

Ages 6 months to 35 months

Toddler Swim Lessons

Ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 Years

Swim Lessons

Ages 3 1/2 to Adult

Riptide Swim Team

Ages 5 to 18 Years

Water Safety Presentations

Ages 3 to Adult

Level 2

Recommended for students ages 3 ½ and up.  Students are grouped in 30-minute classes based on their skill level.  Safety skills are taught at every level.

In Level Two, our focus is on moving in the water and back floating.  The students work on paddling their arms, retrieving objects from the bottom of the pool and back floating independently.

In Level 2, we work on the following skills:

QS logo for bullets Breath control (bubble blowing)

QS logo for bullets Back floating

QS logo for bullets Independent movement

QS logo for bullets Circles on steps

QS logo for bullets Fishes in the Ocean (from sitting and standing positions)

QS logo for bullets Elevators

QS logo for bullets Paddle arms (only if child is moving independently)

QS logo for bullets Up, down, turn around

QS logo for bullets Swim 5 feet comfortably and independently

QS logo for bulletsRetrieve objects from bottom