Baby and Me Swim Lessons

Recommended for students ages 6 months to 36 months. Infants and young toddlers tend to have a smoother adjustment to a new environment and new adults if the parent or primary caretaker is present.  This also gives the parent or caretaker an opportunity to understand the techniques we use so they can practice at home.

Our Baby & Me swim classes progress from beginner skills, including breath control and safety skills to more advanced skills including rolling over, back floating, and swimming independently.

All children that have not been potty-trained for over 6 months must wear a disposable swim diaper and a reusable cloth swim diaper. Reusable cloth swim diapers are available at our locations.

Scientific studies which have been carried out in many countries show that regular baby swim training reduces an infant’s sick rate 65-79% as compared to babies who have not had swimming lessons

A fear of the water is only developed as the baby grows older. Early infant swimming prevents these fears from developing.

Babies who have an early swimming experience show improved physical, psychological and cognitive development.

Swimming enhances the baby’s balance, strength, coordination and endurance as well as their concentration and sense of independence.

Baby and Me Class Schedule