Benefits of Swimming Year-Round

Some of our students take a break from swimming and return when Spring approaches. We notice a difference in skill level from students who continue throughout the year from those that discontinue.  Please consider these reasons why your child should continue swimming throughout the year.

In South Florida, pools, lakes, canals, and the ocean do not go away in the winter. By continually practicing swim skills, students will continue to develop. With Quality Swimming’s program emphasizing water safety, students will develop safer habits in and around the water year-round.

Studies have shown participation in formal swim lessons may reduce the risk of drowning by 88% among children ages 1 to 4. Swimming year-round also helps with the retention of swim skills, and can be a stepping stone to a life of great health and wellness.

Group swim lessons help to strengthen social confidence. In a swim class, the students learn by observing and mimicking and teaches to take turns, share and cooperate within a social structure.

Swimming can improve motor, cognitive and neurological development in infants. A study conducted at Norwegian University of Science and Technology found that infant swimmers develop better balance, movement and grasping techniques than non-swimmers.

A Baby & Me swim class establishes a deeper emotional bond with face to face and skin to skin contact.  A firm loving touch gives the feeling of attachment, commitment and connection. This parent and me activity gives parents the ability to unplug from everyday stresses with uninterrupted playful learning time with their child.

Teaching children with special abilities how to swim is essential! Swimming provides a life- saving skill while improving muscle tone and strength, increasing flexibility, and helping with self-control and self-esteem.

Our goal at Quality Swimming is to teach water safety and instill in all students a love for the water. We find that the more a child enjoys the lessons the more successful the process will be!